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Amy - AI PM Bot for Discord Jira Integra


the AI Project Management Bot with Discord Jira Integration

At Mawia, we commit to supporting small software development companies. In partnership with Sigma RD we are creating Amy - the Artificial Intelligence Project Management Bot that will guide the business owners and their development teams to master the Agile Software Development.

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Just as our Agile Coaches would do it!

Amy coaches you on HOW to make the best of the tools that you are already using (Discord, Jira). Amy will teach you the best practices she knows from all the senior Agile Coaches and allows you to adapt them to what suits best your team.

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Jira - Discord Integration


Amy learns about you as a business owner of a software development company and your team. She'll use the experience of all our senior Agile Coaches to recommend you

  • the most suitable Project Management methodology for you and your team,

  • guide you to stop your own product backlog in Jira,

  • provide to your team the necessary basic Scrum knowledge,

  • guide you to define your Definition of Done, Definition of ready, and your user story workflow,

  • customized agile roadmap for your team.

Discord - Jira Project Management Bot


You build success every single day. Amy knows that, and she's on top of the things every day with the scrum ceremonies, keep your product backlog up to date and give you personalized advice. Amy will help you with:

  • daily standup and updates on the Jira items

  • tracking on work completion, plan deviations and blocking points during the day

  • instant calculations of your metrics and alerts on deviations

  • discord - Jira integration,

  • learns best practices from all the teams she's working with,

  • custom tips based on your team needs.

PM Bot for Discord Jira Intergration


Together with Amy, your software development company using Discord Jira integration will go from zero to hero on your Scrum adoption. Amy will coach you on:

  • how to become a predictable team

  • writing user stories that provide customer value,

  • create and keep up to date product roadmap,

  • create long term development estimations without investing the time in detailing all the functionalities,

  • getting transparency on the costs of each feature you build.


We are building Amy following the Agile Software Development methodology. We release new features that provide the maximum of customer value every sprint.

Currently, we offer FREE FOREVER membership to all our early adopters. On top of that, we will build features based on the needs of our first users. 

If you want to be one of our first users, GET US TO BUILD FIRST THE FUNCTIONALITIES YOU MOST NEED, join the waiting list.

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We are committed to sharing with the world how we are creating Amy in an Agile way. We are using Scrum methodology and have two weeks sprints. Each sprint, we aim to develop and release the features that provide the highest customer value. Every week, our founder - Anca, will share the naked truth about the challenges, successes, blockers, and best practices we learn in this journey. 
Let us inspire you with our story!

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